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lucky chompers

Our crispy, dry lager beer.


We’ve all made some bad decisions in our lives at one time or another and Lucky Chompers was no different. Our newest year-round offering is a Helles style lager, named for a squirrel that sadly lost his life biting into a power line in the Crosstown neighborhood. When he passed, he didn’t fall to the ground but instead his jaws affixed themselves to the line and there he stayed for most of 2020.

That year was a challenging one for all of us, but Lucky came to be a symbol of endurance and tenacity, two traits that were badly needed to overcome the drastic changes that came into our lives. Eventually, he became a symbol of hope for the Crosstown neighborhood and for our brewery.

Today, we honor him by remembering his sacrifice in the form of a crispy, dry lager beer brewed in the German tradition. A beer for beer lovers, this German-style helles is a malt accented lager beer that balances a pleasant malt sweetness and body with floral noble hops and restrained bitterness. The helles is a master class in restraint, subtlety and drinkability which makes it an enduring style for true beer lovers and an elusive style for craft brewers to recreate.