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Crosstown Brewing Company is a reflection of the neighborhood. It’s scrappy, quirky and driven by a passion to build something amazing. It’s a true original with a wide variety of influences, tastes and personalities.  A mix of the best of the past updated to be relevant today.

We are proud to be a part of this neighborhood and this city, and that pride is reflected in our beer, our company and our people. This may have started with two guys and a big dream, but now it’s a part of something bigger: the spirit of revival and creativity. Cheers to the movement.



Traffic is an American IPA in the west coast tradition. Brewed with Simcoe, Ella, and Citra hops, this beer has flavors of grapefruit, mango, passion fruit and pineapple. Traffic is firmly bittered for excellent drinkability. Finishes crisp and dry on the palate.

6.2% ABV. 55 IBU.


Siren Blonde Ale

Siren is an approachable blonde ale and is extremely drinkable. We hop this beer with ample quantities of Hallertauer Mittelfruh. Look for the mild, yet spicy contributions with floral and citrus notes. The bitterness is low, just enough to balance the beer.  Siren is truly a beer that can go anywhere.

5.2% ABV. 28 IBU.



Crosstown Brown

Crosstown Brown is our take on the traditional brown beers of Northern England. The rich malt profile is reminiscent of toasted bread, graham crackers, toffee and caramel. The brown malt we add also brings a distinct nuttiness to the beer that is extremely pleasant.

4.7% ABV.  35 IBU.


This Dusseldorf Style Altbier is decidedly malt forward with rich notes of crusty bread, caramel, and toffee.  The beer’s bitterness is assertive and balances the rich malt profile, leaving the finish clean and crisp.  

5.0% ABV. 50 IBU.


Stickshift is inspired by the Sticke Biers of Germany but brewed to Dopplebock strength. It is a big, malty beer with notes of toffee and graham cracker. Finishes clean and smooth. 

8% ABV.  42 IBU.

Russian Imperial Stout*

The biggest of our beers, this stout is dark and roasty.  Look for intense flavors of dark roasted coffee, dark chocolate and some notes of dark fruit. 

9.5% ABV. 55 IBU.


This traditional saison is brewed with floor malted pilsner malt and traditional Belgian Saison yeast. The yeast creates the hallmark saison pear and pepper flavors and the pilsner malts displays a prominent cracker like quality. Finishes dry and crisp. 

6.6% ABV. 22 IBU.


*Not currently on tap



Crosstown Brewing Company has built a brand-new facility adjacent to the Crosstown Concourse. Our brewery offers a spectacular view of the Concourse building from a unique perspective. The Concourse has been described as roughly the size of the Chrysler building in New York, but laid on its side. Our taproom sits at the “top” of the building with a tremendous view of the “canyon” created by the building and the parking lot to the south along Concourse Avenue.

Our building was designed to maximize the efficiency of our production space and to create a taproom environment where our guests can relax and enjoy themselves. Our taproom will be one of the largest in the region and will feature lounge seating and easy access to our outdoor footprint.

We are excited and energized to introduce our beers to you, and look forward to collaborating with our Crosstown neighbors along the way. Neighbors like Church Health, Crosstown Arts, St. Jude, City Leadership and many more are all doing great work to make Memphis a better place to live and work. We're in good company. 

Taproom Hours

Wednesday – Thursday 4-10 PM  
Friday 2-10 PM
Saturday – Sunday 12-10 PM


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What's on Tap

Blonde Ale
5.2% ABV.  28 IBU.

Traffic IPA
American IPA
6.2 % ABV.  55 IBU.

Crosstown Brown
Brown Ale
4.7% ABV.  35 IBU.

Alt School 
5.0% ABV. 50 IBU.

8.0% ABV. 42 IBU.

Cold Brew on Nitro Tap
French Truck Coffee



Our Crosstown neighbors offer free delivery to the brewery. Check out their menus online.

Farm Burger

Mama Gaia

Mardi Gras Memphis Restaurant & Bar

Midtown Crossing Bar & Grill

Next Door American Eatery

Events This WEEK



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Music Trivia
with Memphis Rock and Soul Museum
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Brats from Curb Market

Crosstown Thursday
$3 drafts for people who work and live at Crosstown Concourse
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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Special Keg Release


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Bendy Brewski - 10:45 AM
New Beer Release - 2:00 PM
Live Music - John Paul Keith - 2:30 PM


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For us, experiencing craft beer is a journey, and every journey has a story worth sharing. As Memphis continues to develop a strong beer culture, we plan to play a big role in this ever-expanding narrative. Self-proclaimed beer nerds, we look forward to sharing our passion for the craft, and educating anyone interested in learning more about the industry and its evolution and where its headed, locally and beyond.  From the "I'm not sure I like beer" drinker to the "I only drink Double IPA" drinker, we're all about a good beer conversation and hope you'll stop by to start one with us. Because, as we like to say, "good neighbors share." 


 Will Goodwin & Clark Ortkiese / CROSSTOWN BREwing co., OWNERS & craftsmen

Will Goodwin & Clark Ortkiese / CROSSTOWN BREwing co., OWNERS & craftsmen




1264 Concourse Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104

Taproom Hours

Wednesday – Thursday 4-10 PM  
Friday 2-10 PM
Saturday – Sunday 12-10 PM